Football table GARLANDO F-10 BLUE

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  • Manufacturer: Toorx
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Stable and sturdy, suitable for recreational playing. Good quality materials and innovating components for an incredibly convenient and still professional football table.This table is equipped with going-through solid bars only (no telescopic bars available): children's supervision while playing is advised.
Table size (cm) 140 x 110 x 88
Playing field (cm) 117 x64
Playing field in plastic laminate with slanting corners.
Cabinet in heavy duty 16 mm thick medium density fibreboard. Colour: blue
Legs in heavy duty 30 mm thick medium density fibreboard
Full colours, human-looking players
Going-through (also called solid) bars (full iron, not hollow, for increased strength) diameter 13 mm.
Handles plastic
10 white Standard balls supplied.
Basket in behind each goal.
Weight (kg) 46
Manufacturer Garlando, Italy
Compliances: EN71

Technical details

Weight 46 kg
Set includes 10 standartinių kamuoliukų
Išmatavimai 140 x 110 x 88
Korpusas MDF 16 mm
Žaidimų aikštelės tipas laminuota su tvirtu pagrindu ir šlaitiniais kraštais
Stalo kojos MDF 3 cm
Žaidėjai Spalvoti, pritvirtinti individualiai
Strypai Strypai 13 mm diametro, plieniniai, ištisiniai