Football table GARLANDO F-200 MAPLE

  • 821GAF200ACRLNO
  • Manufacturer: Toorx
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Designed to offer the greatest performances to the whole family, this table boasts a high quality sturdy construction.
Table size (cm) 145 x 74 x 88 Width with solid / telescopic rods 125/110 cm
Playing field in choice of transparent glass, 5 mm (glossy/ non-reflective sanded) or plastic laminate
Cabinet constructed from 2cm thick MDF with melamine coating. Colour: maple wood
Legs 9 x 9cm MDF 15mm, coated with melamine.
One-colour players in plastic material (moplen) , team colours: red and blue, directly moulded onto the bars
Bars telescopic, diameter 16mm
Handles plastic
10 white Standard balls supplied.
Basket in behind each goal
Weight (kg) 60
Compliances: EN71

Technical details

Weight 60 kg
Išmatavimai 145 x 74 x 88 cm
Korpusas MDF dengta melaminu 20 mm
Žaidimų aikštelės tipas šlifuotas grūdintas stiklas 5 mm (blizgus arba matinis) arba laminatas
Žaidėjai moplenas (nelūžtantis plastikas), raudoni - mėlyni, užlieti ant strypo
Strypai teleskopiniai, skersmuo 16 mm
Plotis su vientisais/teleskopiniais strypais 125/110 cm