Ceramic barbecue KAMADO Club Junior D41cm

  • 619XX00002
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399 €
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KAMADOCLUB JUNIOR is an exclusive clay barbecue with its original DiamondCut exterior design, color and free accessories. When you buy KAMADOCLUB JUNIOR you will immediately get a complete BBQ miracle that will extend your gastronomic ability to the moon and back. When you buy a KAMADOCLUB JUNIOR barbecue, you get free accessories for more than 100 euros - stainless steel grille, heat deflector, rain cover, ashtray and tongs!

Diameter: 41 cm
Diameter of baking grill: 34 cm
Multifunctional dual zone baking system: Not available
Cover: Yes
Ceramic Heat Deflector: Yes
Grille tongs: Yes
Ash ash: Yes
Barbecue Legs: Yes
Baking Grille: Yes
Barbecue Weight: 32
Package dimensions: AxPxG: 58 x 50 x 45 cm