Padel tennis racket Dunlop AERO-STAR LITE 350g professional 12K-Carbon Hybrid UltraSoft

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  • Manufacturer: Dunlop
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This Dunlop Aero-Star Lite racquet is made from carbon in both the head and frame. This racquet will perform well in all areas of the game and will provide great resistance to shocks. The technologies present, such as Power Holes, will bring great power to this racquet. The diamond shape will also offer a lot of power.
The Dunlop Aero-Star Lite racquet will be the easiest to play with thanks to its 350g weight and medium balance.

In addition, the head has a rough feel that will allow you to get some nice spin on the ball.

This racquet will be perfect for intermediate players looking for power.

Details :

- Carbon 12K: Premium quality carbon that will provide durability and performance to the racquet
- Full Carbon: Full carbon construction on the frame and headsize
- DPS: Transparent protection applied to the top of the racquet to prevent shocks
- Tri-Clamp: Reinforced core for added stability and better air penetration
- Pro Touch Core: Soft core that provides power and comfort
- Ultra Gryp: Textured sieve for improved spin.
- Power Holes: Hole construction around the sweet spot for improved power.

Technical details

Weight 350 g
For advanced
Headshape Diamond
Profile width 38 mm
Core spec. Ultra Soft