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JSC „Skorpiono Takas“ is one of the biggest wholesalers of the sports equipment and printing supplies and consumables in the Baltic States. Established in 1992, today Skorpiono Takas employs more than 50 regular employees and company is constantly growing every year.

JSC Skorpiono Takas operations are well developed in Lithuania and surrounding countries. Furthermore, daughter companies in Georgia LLC "ST GEORGIA" and Belarus OOO "INFOTRONIC" are also rapidly growing.

Main aereas of our activities include:

  • Sports equipment (fitness machines, fitness accessories and equipment for every kind of sport)
  • Office supplies and printing consumables (Citizen calculators, printer parts, 3D printers and accessories)  


For many years now company is trusted by the well known brands all over the world, such as MOLTEN, PANATTA, DUNLOP, KETTLER, FASHY, BECO, CITIZEN and etc. Exclusive distribution of such brands enable us to cooperate with different types of interested parties, starting from web shops, supermarkets, regional shops, personal coaches, ending with rehab centers, hospitals, teams and federations. 

Furthermore, Skorpiono Takas is always ready to support the young athletes of Lithuania, so in addition to sponsoring main sport leagues and federations (LKL, LKF, MKL, LTS and etc.), we also support the young tennis players of Lithuania, who are ranked in first places in Lithuania and are in top 10 in the world.


 Our goal - effective partnership with all our customers!





Main office in Lithuania

UAB Skorpiono Takas

Sports product department:

 +370 45 57 12 79        arnoldasg@skorpionas.lt

Office product department:

 +370 45 51 86 91        andrejusj@skorpionas.lt

Marketing department:

 +370 45 57 16 91       ermina@skorpionas.lt


 +370 45 57 00 02        finansai@skorpionas.lt

B2B order system:















Representative office in Belarus

OOO Infotronic

 +375 172 600800        sales@infotronic.by





Representative office in Georgia

ST Georgia LLC

 +995 577 063906        sofia@st-georgia.ge