Quality guarantee
All products are covered by the manufacturer's warranty terms. When submitting the product for warranty repair, it is sufficient to have the purchase document or a completed warranty card. If the product breaks down during the warranty period, the warranty repair is carried out free of charge. Warranty repairs are carried out by authorized service centers. The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to natural wear parts. The laws of the Republic of Lithuania provide that it is sufficient to have a purchase document (cashier's check, invoice or leasing agreement) if the product is specified exactly. Such a document confirms the date of purchase of the item and the person who purchased the equipment. The seller's warranty card must be additionally submitted only if the equipment model is not specified in the purchase document (then the equipment identification data must be specified in the warranty document).




This warranty applies to KETTLER, NORDICTRACK, PROFORM, TOORX and EVERFIT brand equipment. The warranty starts from the date of sale/handover of the device, unless the contract stipulates otherwise.

The official representative of these brands in Lithuania JSC SKORPIONO TAKAS carries out warranty and post-warranty repairs only in the territories it represents - the territories of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Also, the company reserves the right to refuse to apply the warranty if the warranty conditions listed below and/or the instructions for use of the device are violated.


Warranty conditions:


  • When submitting the device for warranty repair, the buyer must submit the purchase document (receipt, invoice) and other necessary documents, if the seller requires it;
  • If the trainer or other product that is large and heavy and weighs more than 10 kg breaks down, the master comes to the house of the buyer, or to the address where the equipment is placed. All other goods for warranty service are delivered by the Buyer himself to the warranty center at his own expense, which is located on Nemuno st. 79, Panevėžys, Lithuania
  • The device must be delivered in a package that ensures safe transportation. If the device is delivered without packaging, the Seller is not responsible for mechanical damage caused during the transportation of the device;
  • The manufacturer's warranty for the equipment is 12 months, effective from the date specified in the purchase document;
  • Trainer warranty applies only to the original trainer purchaser and is non-transferable.
  • Free warranty service applies for 12 months from the day of delivery of the equipment to the buyer.
  • Free warranty service includes: parts, the arrival of a craftsman to any city in Lithuania, the craftsman's working hours.
  • After more than 6 months have passed since the purchase of the product and in the event of a warranty failure, the seller ensures the free supply of necessary details and parts until the end of the warranty period provided by the manufacturer, but the customer undertakes to cover the costs of repair work and the visit of the master to the site.
  • If the failure is not confirmed or (and) in the case of failures that are not covered by warranty obligations and free service, the customer pays all costs related to the transportation of the product to the service center or the arrival of the craftsman to the location, identification of the failure and repair;
  • The device is replaced or the money is returned, if the malfunctions that occurred during operation during the warranty period cannot be eliminated;
  • Repaired or replaced products are covered by the warranty for the remaining warranty period.
  • The warranty outside the territory of Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia applies only to the delivery of parts. I.e. the representative undertakes only to send the customer the necessary parts needed to fix the trainer.
  • After purchasing the machine, we recommend that assembly and initial start-up services be performed by an authorized service representative of JSC "Skorpiono takas", tel. no. +370 682 24054.


Warranty obligations do not apply in the following cases:


  • The warranty does not apply to parts of the trainer that wear naturally, such as e.g. treadmill belt, torsion belt, batteries, brake pads and shock absorbers.
  • In the event of malfunctions due to natural disasters (lightning, flood, earthquake, fires, large fluctuations in air temperature and humidity), animals, improper operating conditions, the user's intention or carelessness;
  • In the event of malfunctions due to illegal, inappropriate voltage sources and fluctuations, electrical network malfunctions;
  • Damage caused by foreign objects entering the interior of the device: sand, liquid (corrosion, oxidation), food, insects, etc.;
  • Cosmetic, surface scratches and other damages that have absolutely no effect on the functioning and use functions of the machine
  • If the exercise machine has been stored outside of indoor conditions, in a damp, dusty room or outdoors, in a garage, terrace, gazebo, etc. in a room with temperature fluctuations.
  • Damages that occurred after the purchase when the device was dropped, bumped, or during the transportation of the device, when the device is transported by the customer himself;
  • Malfunctions were repaired by a service employee/person not authorized by the manufacturer.
  • The device was deliberately damaged, dismantled;
  • The device is broken due to the installation of illegal programs, decommissioning.
  • Malfunctions were caused by non-original equipment consumables, accessories, any other non-original products used to ensure the operation of the device;
  • Damaged product warranty stickers, stickers with serial number;
  • If the device intended for personal (domestic, family) use was used for commercial activities;
  • If the malfunction occurred using consumables, accessories, cleaning agents that are not recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions
  • If the device was not turned off after each use.
  • The product's operating instructions were not followed.
  • The product was delivered to another country, which is not included in the territories represented by the company (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).
  • For the tax that was paid for the transportation of the goods, the work and visit of the service people.