Ceramic barbecue KAMADO TasteLab 23,5'' Green with accessories

  • 619TLAU235G
  • Manufacturer: TasteLab
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With this newly designed TasteLab Kamado grill, you will prepare perfectly roasted, soft and juicy steaks, delicious fish, hearty stews, pizzas and extraordinary tasting desserts. The grill has folding shelves on both sides, where it will be convenient to put together the necessary ingredients. With this grill you will not only be able to bake, but also toast and smoke various products, and at the same time you will be able to prepare even several dinners. The grill has an ash removal drawer that will help you to remove the ash from the grill comfortably.
This TasteLab Kamado grill is perfect for use in the garden, yard, cottage terrace. It can be used to prepare a variety of dishes for cooking, stewing and smoking meat and fish. With this grill you can cook for 4-8 people

Main body Diameter: 60 cm
Dia of cooking Grid: 52.5 cm
Barbecue weight 87 kg
Weight of the grill (with packaging): 99 kg
Fire box
Mullite (resistant to 1000 degrees)
Grill dome / grill base
Mullite (resistant to 1000 degrees)

Technical details

Weight 87 kg
99 kg,
60 cm,
52,5 cm,
Dažytas plienas su ratukais,
Mulitas (atsparus 1000 laipsnių),
Mulitas (atsparus 1000 laipsnių)

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