Exercise bike EVERFIT mini WELLY-M

  • Manufacturer: Everfit

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EverFit MINI WELLY-M - ideal for toning and strengthening legs and arms (placed on a table top). Suitable for physical therapy.

  • Suitable for arm and leg toning and strengthening, for physical therapy
  • Pedals ergonomic shape for a more comfortable grip of both hands and foot. With strap
  • Exerciser weight 5 kg
  • Size 480 x 390 x 290 mm
  • Meets CE standards

Since 1954 Garlando has been working to combine its deep roots in the industrial tradition with a constant trend to renovation and innovation. In order to best satisfy the customers’ recreational and sporting requirements, Garlando gained a leadership in the field of sporting equipment and fitness, by introducing new lines of products and creating different brands.

Everfit, a brand of Garlando registered in Europe, shows the company’s will to furtherly expand its horizons, starting from the home fitness. The Everfit products feature a high level design and construction, a made in Italy design, and a constant research for innovating solutions, to meet the requirements of any type of user.

Technical details

Warranty 24 months
Dimensions (L x W x H) 48 x 39 x 29 cm
Flywheel system 2 kg
Weight of the machine 7 kg

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