Inflatable sup WILDSUP BEE 10,6"

  • 644XXSUP0009
  • Manufacturer: NO_BRAND

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The maximum compression of the paddle is even 22psi, and its thickness is 15cm. for these reasons, it is very stiff and does not bend during swimming, which allows you to enjoy swimming to the maximum. The paddles are made of two layers of new generation PVC Drop Stich material. The upper part is additionally covered with a non-slip "carpet", so that the feet do not slip when the paddle is wet, and when the PVC material is hot on a hot day, it does not burn the feet. In the set you will find everything you need for a pleasant swim, you will no longer need to buy any paddle accessories, after purchasing this set, you can immediately enjoy swimming in a paddle. The rubber on the front will press firmly and prevent the hermetic bag or other objects from falling. The paddle board is very compact, packed in a backpack with all your equipment, so you can take it anywhere you travel. Weight: 11 kg Dimensions: 320 x 82 x 15 cm Material: Dropstich PVC Equipment: Paddle, adjustable (170-210cm.) Paddle, keel, pump, backpack, repair kit Recommended lifting capacity up to 125 kg Maximum lifting capacity 160 kg Maximum pressure 22 psi (1.56 bar)

Technical details

Dimensions (L x W x H) 320 x 82 x 15 cm
Weight 11 kg
Material Dropstich PVC
Set includes SUP board, adjustable paddle (170-210cm), fin, pump, bag, leash, repair kit
Capacity 1

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