Kid‘s bike BIKESTAR 12" Classic metal Berry

  • 651BSBI12KK01PETE
  • Manufacturer: BIKESTAR
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Modern, innovative, ergonomic Bikestar bikes.

Recommended age: 3+ years

Saddle height: 47-55 cm Steering wheel height: 60-68 cm Weight: 8 kg

Children's metal bicycle with impact-resistant paint

The lowered frame makes it easier to get on and off the bike and provides safety in the event of abrupt braking.

Height-adjustable steering wheel

Certified non-toxic safe handlebars with guard and brakes, call

30.5 cm (12 inch) tires, high quality aluminum rims

The bike has a foot brake and steering wheel brakes

Fully enclosed circuit protection

There is a trunk in the back for small items

Reflectors on front and rear and on pedals

Parking leg

Technical details

Weight 8 kg
Kojelė Yra
Frame Plieninis
Wheels size 12"

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