Inflatable sup WILDSUP BLACK MOOSE 10,6"

  • 644XXSUP0015
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Inflatable two-layer paddle board Black Moose, it is one of the highest quality and best paddles in Europe in terms of price and quality. The Black Moose paddle is extremely high quality and durable. Made of a new generation of PVC Drop Stich Fusion Plus material, which is extremely strong, but up to 20% lighter than standard. It is inflated up to 27 psi and is of high quality, which ensures its strength and the fact that it does not bend when standing on it. Thanks to the exclusive and unique design, you will be stylish and stand out from the crowd. The PVC material from which the paddle is made is extremely durable and the strongest on the market for inflatable paddles. Weight: 10 kg; Dimensions: 320 x 78 x 12 cm; Material: Dropstich PVC Fusion Plus; Equipment: Paddle board, Bravo pump (double-acting up to 29psi.), Branded backpack with wheels, repair kit; Lifting capacity 110 kg Maximum pressure 27 psi (1.86 bar)

Technical details

Dimensions (L x W x H) 320 x 78 x 12 cm
Weight 10 kg
Material Dropstich PVC Fusion Plus
Set includes SUP board, Bravo (double action up to 29psi) pump, bagwith wheels, leash, repair kit
Capacity 1

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