Back to school!

Have you started the preparation for the school season already?

KETTLER school furniture - this is what you want for your child!


We are sure, that you already know KETTLER exercise machines, tennis tables or play equipment for children. But did you know that one of other strong product groups of KETTLER is children furniture? They are valued all over the world. and these are the reasons why:

  • Desks are ergonomic, their height is adjustable with the hydraulic mechanism, and growing table is an investment to the health of your kid. You will be sure, that this table will not be too small or too big and he will never complain of a back pain. Desk can be raised to suit anyone up to 1.5 m tall.



  • Desks are of highest quality, made of non toxic materials and have TUV and GS certificates. Buying these kind of products you can always be sure to have a long lasting, safe and reliable item.             


  • All furniture is 100% made in Germany. Therefore, it is a lot easier for KETTLER to test and ensure the right quality of products.



  • KETTLER also offers similar design shelfs, cabinets and accessories, such as hooks for the backpacks, tablet holders and etc. So you can easily find all that you need!

  • Your desk is mobile, just in case it needs to be moved. Castors incorporated into the legs make it easy.            


  • If you need to spend more time on something, just change the angle of inclination of the desktop to give yourself a more relaxed posture.            


  • Spacious drawer is there to make it easier to keep your desk tidy. Parents will also be happy that all items are always in place!


  • And, finally, the design - bright, colourful, modern and delicate - it is so easy to incorporate this furniture in any interior!


We quarantee, that these KETTLER desks will not only grow together with your children, but will also become the cozy place for games, homework and creativity.


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