Padel teniso raketė DUNLOP AERO-STAR JNR

  • 620DN10312152
  • Prekės ženklas: Dunlop

Prekę pristatysime per: 1-3 d.d.

56 €
70 €
Prekių likutis: 25


Graphite Frame construction ideal for beginners and occasional players. Hybrid head shape for extra power with a wide sweet spot at the top of the bat. Lightweight spec ideal for young juniors starting out.

Enjoy a more solid performance

Graphite construction in the frame gives a superior performance, compared to traditional composite frames.

Take your first shots

Standard hole distribution helps beginners and juniors play more consistent shots as they learn the game.

Hit harder shots with ease

A special application of low-density elastic EVA combines with a reinforced face fabric spec for exceptional comfort and feel, with extra power at low swing speeds.

Techninė informacija

Svoris 320 g
Skirta Vaikams
Forma Hybrid
Profilis 36 mm
Užpildas Ultra Soft

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