Padel teniso raketė DUNLOP BLITZ ATTACK

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  • Prekės ženklas: Dunlop

Prekę pristatysime per: 1-3 d.d.

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Power and control

Premium Graphite construction, Open Frame technology at the base of the frame provides increased manoeuvrablity and frame stiffness for extra control. Pro EVA core for an ideal combination of power and control. Extra Grip technology for increased spin for more penetrating shots.

Transform your game

Get superior performance thanks to a super-thin layer of pure graphite with an amazing strength to weight ratio for superior performance in all shots.

Power to your game

Get superior power on your attacking shots. A specific mould design with openings in both arms of the bat, gives you improved aerodynamics and greater frame stiffness.

Play with power, control and comfort

A rubber-impregnated, medium-density EVA combines with a triple-layer face fabric lay-up and Dunlop’s unique resin system.

Hit more winners

Dunlop’s unique 'v' hole pattern is designed to offer maximum grip on the ball in attacking shots. So you get greater ball control to hit more penetrating winners.

Put more spin on your shots

Pack a more penetrating punch thanks to a rough finish on the bat’s surface, giving you more spin effect.

Techninė informacija

Svoris 365 g
Skirta Pažengusiems
Forma Hybrid
Profilis 38 mm
Užpildas Pro Eva

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